Dress Styles - Whats right for you? 

Choosing the perfect dress for you can be a hard task. We here at Sophie Wynne-Owen Bridal Couture are here to help.

When it comes to the correct shape dress for your body there are many different options for you to chose from.

We like to give everyone the choice to pick a dress shape that may not be perfect for them to start with but after some magic from us in the studio and the perfect fit for you, the dress shape you have been told you can’t have in other bridal stores isn’t a problem here. We work around your figure and want to create a unique shape and style for each bride.

After saying all of that it is always important to have an idea of dress shapes you like and what you think, will make you feel special and comfortable.


Here are the basics when it comes to dress styles:


If you are unsure which style would suit your figure have a look at our Body Shape page to help you understand what is best for you. 

If you are worried about choosing the correct shape and feel very lost about what would work for you contact or visit us we are here to help.