Inspiring . . .

I have always had my doors open for graduates or students trying to gain experience and break into the fashion/costume industry. Its a hard one to get your foot in. I love helping and building peoples confidence. I think sometimes we forgot the time when that was us. The more people I can inspire and make fall in love with the couture side of the industry the better.

I love that all my dresses are designed and made in my studio in the UK it gives them that personal touch that I think we have lost with fashion. 

I have recently had 'Aminah' come in and do a months work experience. It was lovely to having her and helping her develop her skills. 

Aminah - 

" Thank you for rebuilding my confidence and helping me learn and gain more dressmaking skills in the fashion industry. I found it exciting and at the same time a bit hard but you helped me pull through and I would like to thank you very much for that." 

If you know anyone who needs the experience to help them develop their own future in the fashion/costume industry my doors are always open. Even if they just want to have a chat about what's out there. Sometimes you don't realise the jobs that are on offer. 

Sophie x

Opening Weekend

                    We are having a opening weekend to celebrate the new studio. 

There will be bubbles and plenty of inspiration going around. Please come along to find out more about what we can offer and how we can make the perfect dress for you. 

I know most people will think well I don't need a dress made I can just go buy one from the high-street. Yes there is that option but if you have never experienced a garment that is made to fit you then you are missing out. 

Starting price for our evening gowns is £350

We will be open from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 31st October if you book a consultation that day you will be given 10% off your evening gown. 

For all those lovely Brides out there we are also offering a design service where we will draw up your design for you. Its a different experience but just imagine being able to add all the little extras that you dreamed off. 

So come along and have some fun with your style, 

    Love Sophie x


 The festive season is approaching... 

Roll up roll up come get your frocks for all those fabulous parties that are in the diary. 

Exciting news for the SWO studio we are bringing ready to buy evening gowns in store over the next few weeks. To show you just how much work goes into a couture ready to buy gown I'm going to show you a few behind the scenes. 

When it comes to contracting beautiful gowns I always start with a women in mind, for this gown I am going to show you I wanted a confident, sexy & strong women. Also someone who doesn't mind having the spotlight on them. 

For part of the new collection Hollywood Glamor is the back bone. I also get inspired by fabric if I fall in love with a fabric I can already vision a dress and can even vision the women wearing it. These are the mad things that you deal with when you are a designer. 

Part 1 

Draping this is key to getting the perfect fit and shape. 

Part 2 

Working out seam allowance - this helps with the construction of the dress and also gives us the option to alter the size of the dress. 

Part 3 

Testing the final look on the stand. This is a great way to see how the clients react to a new design before you take it to photoshoot. 

The Jessica Rabbit Dress is available to buy @ £400

Photo shoot will be taking place over the next few days so watch this space. 

     Love Sophie x

Top Tip Tuesday....

       Quick tip of the week

Planning your tables for the big day ........

Why not put disposable cameras on each table, this is a great way for your guest to get involved and help capture your day through their eyes. 

You never know they may just capture that perfect moment. 


Link to a great selection of cameras:-

Top Tip Tuesday...

The C.O.R.S..E.T 

I want to talk about corsets and how great they are for a finished look. Don't be scared by them. 

Under Bust corsets are great for flattering the tummy when wearing a slim cut gown perfect for the party season coming up. Its a great trick and by using the same fabric as the lining of your dress the corset sits flush under the dress without anyone knowing its there. 

The full bust corset are great sexy pieces that are practical as well. They lift your bust without a strap great for a larger bust.  The corset also sucks your tummy in and it will give you better posture. 

Any corset that is made to measure will always be a great addition to your wardrobe. Its naughty, fun and practical. 

So come on girls come in store today and get measured for a corset, guys they are also great presents for your wonderful women. 

Love Sophie x 

Top Tip Tuesday ....

Tip of the week was given to me by a lovely friend of mine. 

Girls we all love roses (even better when we have been given to us). The tip of the week is to help you keep your roses for longer. 

1. Remove all packaging. 

2. Fill up the sink with water. 

3. Place your rose steams under the water. 

4. Once all the steams are submerged with water cut each steam to length. 

By doing this you will prevent air going into your rose steams and creating a bubble which stops the water from reaching all areas of the roses. This will mean your roses will last for long and have a happy life span. 

Fab I always want my roses to last forever! 

Love Sophie x  

The Classic Little Black Dress

We all love a LBD its the go to in the wardrobe, a must have ... how could we live with out one! 

I am a LBD lover and must confess to stuffing the wardrobe with a variety of LBD. What is it about a black dress that just seems to work every time. Why don't we all run to colour??? 

After recently designing and making Anja Potze dress for the Birmingham Children's Hospital charity event I have realised we need to re-vamp our black dresses ladies. Have fun with them use different textures make them sexy and exciting. I sometimes think people just run to black as it is a classic that works and yes this is very true but at the same time by being a little daring and adding a little sparkle to those black dresses of ours we may just turn the black dress from a classic to a show stopper

If you are looking for that perfect evening gown that fits like a glove then pop along to my new studio opening in Friar Street Worcester (Hopefully the doors will be open by the middle of this week!) 

Love Sophie x


Top Tip Tuesday

Top Tip this week ...

This tip is a little odd but very useful. As a dress maker I have nipped my fingers many times with pins whilst doing dress fitting and as you can imagine a spot of blood on any light fabric sticks out like a sore thumb! 

Quick tip to make sure your dress is always spotless. any blood found on the dress don't worry lick your finger and dab on the blood with a little rub it should be gone with in seconds. 

Love Sophie x

Dress up ... Why not?

The Evening Dresses are coming!

A small range of evening gowns will soon becoming to my new shop. Each dress is an individual piece and will be perfect for those Xmas parties coming up. 

For me this year as a designer I have fallen in love with sequin fabric even though it may scare you off, with the right cut and style this fabric can look amazing and on any shape and size. So girls don't be shy and pick up the sparkles this coming party season. 

I will start posting new design up over the next few weeks. 

Love Sophie x

Crazy Week

Its been a crazy week of paint, nails & decorating.

Very exciting times I have been decorating my new studio Hopefully it will be opening soon so all you lovely ladies can come along and have a noise. 

I am constantly producing new products so hopefully over the next few months I will have new exciting garments for you to check out. 

Love Sophie x

Top Tip Tuesday

Quick tip of the week - 

Don't get caught up in "perfection."

It's ok for things not to go to plan its natural so don't get to caught up in the things that have gone wrong. A good way to look at it is if it didn't happen a certain way then it wasn't meant to be. 

Be happy in your moment <3

Love Sophie x

September is here ...

I'm still getting my head around where the 'Summer' went. It was only yesterday that I was thinking about all the beautiful summer weddings approaching and yet here we are September is knocking on the doors. 

I always find that September is the month when Brides start the great search for that one dress that will full fill all the dreams that they had when they where a young girl. 

Well ladies some small advice before you take on the task - 

- Dont Panic ( Its going to be ok you will find the dress and you will look beautiful ) 

- Always think to yourself does this dress represent me. 

- Never let anyone tell you can't have certain style with a little help with the cut of the dress nearly ever style can work for every shape. 

- Be happy you have found the one ! 

- And have fun. 

 Love - Sophie x