Confidence and Body shape



 Just be Fabulous . . . 

I have met many ladies who feel as though they can't wear a certain shape or style due to their body shape. I am a true believer in you can wear whatever you like as long as it fits you and you fell confident. 

When thinking about your body shape look to your best features and use these as a way to show them off. Don't hide your best bits! If you have beautiful boobs then use them by adding a V-neck into your design. If your waist is a highlight then make sure to emphases it. If those hips of yours are curvaceous then celebrate them! 

I also think that ladies worry about their arms to much! If you feel more comfortable having some sort of coverage then why not look to covering with lace or fabrics which are a little sheer so that you feel comfortable but still have some skin showing through. If you want to wear something that doesn't cover them totally then go for it don't be shy away. 

I always try to stick to some simple rules

- Be daring 

- Use colour 

- Feel confident 

- Highlight a waist

- Use cleavage to add a feminine touch 

- Show the best bits of the legs off! 


I find that by applying these to garments I am designing for a client I can help bring something new to their style and hopefully make them feel the best version of themselves. 

Love Sophie . . . Xx