Historical Influences...

I have been thinking of where to get new inspirations from recently, and then it came to me - take inspiration from the woman who taught me how to be truly fabulous!

My Auntie Jean was an outspoken, 'say it how it is' kind of woman. As a hairdresser, her life revolved around making women the best versions of themselves, and this is where I am in my life too. I found old family photos of Auntie Jean's wedding and I have taken a lot of inspiration from them. 

I love the three quarter length of her dress, and having made one for a customer of mine recently I can really appreciate the dramatic effect it has. It is still glamorous and beautiful as you would want for your day, but I feel it also gives a sense of individual style and is a touch different to other dresses. If you want that for your wedding dress, then this is definitely a design option for you. 

Her veil is beautiful to me. A 'cap veil' adds a unique touch to the ensemble - it will stand out to people and it will be memorable. The cut of the veil made it sit in line with the bottom of the dress. This mirroring of the most dramatic point of the dress by the veil highlights Auntie Jeans best features and in my opinion is fabulous!

Below is an example of a modern day cap veil, and it is obvious the effect it creates within the veil. Beautiful!

Digging further in to the family albums, I came across this beauty of a dress. It is a bias cut silk dress. The unique cut of the silk makes the dress fall in a specific way that is hard to create but worth doing, as the way it drapes down the body is stunning. Instead of bling and sparkles being the focus of the dress, it is the quality of the cut and the fabric which is the stand out factor. This would be amazing inspiration to use for a bohemian style dress. 

If any of these pieces have given you inspiration for your special day, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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