Summer Inspirations...

With the summer months fast approaching, our inspirations for design will inevitably be influenced. Events such as the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival are a great display of fashion at the moment for us to take ideas from for our own designs. You wouldn't think it, but bridal gowns can use inspiration from these events. For example, the fantasy aspects of Clare Danes' dress can be translated in to bridal couture. The lighting in the dress was obviously show stopping, but for me the best aspects of the dress were it's shape and cut. To create a dress like this would be a fantasy of my own!

"Princess is IN!"

Taking both inspiration from my visit to London Fashion Week where I was in awe of the floral texture being used in fabrics, to Cannes Film Festival where the floral detailing used on Sonam Kapoor's dress was just beautiful, it has become a wish of mine to create floral detailing on bridal dresses over the coming months. This would be perfect for both Autumn 2016 weddings and also Spring/Summer 2017. 

Beautiful detailing

Texture is growing in popularity, with beautiful evening gowns being created showing that texture has been the main focus of the dress from it's initial cut right through to the finished product. The dramatic effect of using texture in a gown is shown in the image below. I love how the floral texture fades out as it progresses down the dress, at the same time not being an overwhelmingly prominent feature, giving it a touch of drama but also being delicate and elegant. 

If you have taken any inspiration from these ideas for your own bridal or evening gown, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0190522988, or via our Facebook or instagram accounts to book a design consultation so we can create your perfect dress.