It's been a long time since I last sat down to post. So I thought I would post about my trip to London Fashion Week. 

I think this is a great way to start my 2016 blog posts as its all about inspiration and creativity which I find always helps when you are constantly trying to develop and come up with new ideas. 

The Fashion show was fab and fast within minutes (it seems) its all over and you have just feasted upon a flash of the future. The colours and sounds are exciting and in my mind I was thinking of all the possibilities. 

I also had a chance to listen to Charlotte Olympia who was so glamorous I felt rather under dressed! It was great to see a women who has achieved so much and built her brand from the bottom up. I also fell in love with her shoes and bags even more once she had explained her idea behind her designs. 

What really kept my eyes busy was the street fashion! As you can imagine people watching is great fun and were better to do than LFW. The shoes, bags and coats the combination of trend and individuality is what really makes street fashion so great. I always find the best trends start from the street. The shows give direction, the streets turn it into trend. 

I'm excited to get designing my own pieces and also designing for new clients. Throw lots of fashion lovers into one room and you can't help but want to take on the world with fabric, design and style!