Exploring London is one of my favourite things to do. I can't help but get excited about all the people, buildings and buzz! 

When leaving the city of Worcester I start to get a thrill of excitement I know I still have 2 hours left till I reach the big lights but the journey it's self gets me thinking about the things I'm about to see and experience. I find every time I go to london I always end up doing something I never thought I would do. For example this time I ended up on top of a car park which had been turned into a winter wonderland with cocktails and food from small little hidden pods. the smell and atmosphere when you walked in is so different from the city surrounding it. Its as though you have fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in another world. 

As well as enjoying cocktails and food I love to go and see art and dive into the History of our Queens and Kings. I can't help but fall in love with the historic buildings which show such a story and really make me question how it would have been all those years ago. I also start to think about how the women used to dress, with such huge skirts and pulled in waists what a scene it would have been.

For me a treat to the fabric market is always on the cards I love to see what cultures are influencing the fabric and barter with the market merchants. I can't help but touch everything and dream up of dresses, corsets and coats. I fell in love with fur all over again from its texture to the way in which it looks. It adds such a rich feel to any outfit, I would say it is key to any winter glam moment. 

To add a little adventure to my exploring I decided to travel by boat. What a way to see London with the sun setting and water splashing around me I couldn't help but fall in love. I think everyone should travel by boat in london, its the best way to see it.  

To finish it all off I was whisked into the Winter Wonderland. I can't believe how big it is, You could get lost . . . We did get lost!! The smell of mulled wine and hot sweet donuts filled the air with the screams of joy and cheers of merry groups you couldn't help but feel festive. I some how ended up drinking and dancing along to a band playing in a barn that looked as though it had been brought down from the north pole itself. 

London I love you, your my secret love affair and I can't help but want to explore you more. 

Sophie X