SWO Diaries pt. 1

This past month has been event mayhem for us, from hosting our own fashion show, to Sophie being nominated as a finalist at Midlands Fashion Awards (GO Sophie!) to showing at the Wonderful Worcestershire Women's Fashion and Dining Event on October 13th.

Now, bear in mind, by this point we had gone from dressing 30 models at our event, to 6 professional models at MFA, to then dressing another 20 women at the WWW event...we had been in a sea of tulle for around a month and were slowly losing our sanity! Making sure all the dresses fitted perfectly and the models felt comfortable and fabulous was a mountain of a task - but we loved every second. The buzz of being backstage, the adrenaline running, the sweat from us steaming our dresses in an already tropically hot room...what an atmosphere it was!

This week, thinking about what to write a blog about, we all thought that it would be a great idea and insight for you lovely readers in to the work life at SWO Couture if we were to write a monthly diary (this may or may not have been inspired by Bridget Jones...).

Like every woman on earth, we do like to talk about ourselves, and that added with the madness and fabulousness that comes with working at SWO will hopefully make for an interesting read!

Our main fear of the night was the stairs at the start of the catwalk. The stairs! 20 models in tulle skirts and heels wobbling down a staircase in to a room filled with over 100 people. I think the majority of people involved in the event were having cardiac arrests very time someone walked down them. But our girls did it, no trips or falls and they all looked elegant and beautiful!

Unfortunately, as it was Sophie's birthday that night, we had some bubbles and probably shouldn't embarrass ourselves by letting you in on our antics through the rest of the night. However, we are so grateful to be able to work with such amazing women every day and to be a part of these wonderful events. Until next time ladies... SWO Couture x