Top Tip Tuesday...

The C.O.R.S..E.T 

I want to talk about corsets and how great they are for a finished look. Don't be scared by them. 

Under Bust corsets are great for flattering the tummy when wearing a slim cut gown perfect for the party season coming up. Its a great trick and by using the same fabric as the lining of your dress the corset sits flush under the dress without anyone knowing its there. 

The full bust corset are great sexy pieces that are practical as well. They lift your bust without a strap great for a larger bust.  The corset also sucks your tummy in and it will give you better posture. 

Any corset that is made to measure will always be a great addition to your wardrobe. Its naughty, fun and practical. 

So come on girls come in store today and get measured for a corset, guys they are also great presents for your wonderful women. 

Love Sophie x