Inspiring . . .

I have always had my doors open for graduates or students trying to gain experience and break into the fashion/costume industry. Its a hard one to get your foot in. I love helping and building peoples confidence. I think sometimes we forgot the time when that was us. The more people I can inspire and make fall in love with the couture side of the industry the better.

I love that all my dresses are designed and made in my studio in the UK it gives them that personal touch that I think we have lost with fashion. 

I have recently had 'Aminah' come in and do a months work experience. It was lovely to having her and helping her develop her skills. 

Aminah - 

" Thank you for rebuilding my confidence and helping me learn and gain more dressmaking skills in the fashion industry. I found it exciting and at the same time a bit hard but you helped me pull through and I would like to thank you very much for that." 

If you know anyone who needs the experience to help them develop their own future in the fashion/costume industry my doors are always open. Even if they just want to have a chat about what's out there. Sometimes you don't realise the jobs that are on offer. 

Sophie x