Back to School or should I say Work !

I ran away in August !

It has been a busy few months creating dresses for all these beautiful girls and women and before I knew it August was here and I flew away to Turkey and didn’t look back. I knew it was time for a break and to charge the batteries.

But now I am back and ready to get into the action and get busy. I am about to go off to Harrogate and look through all the beautiful dresses that will be on all the new Brides and I am so excited to get creative. I love looking at other designers work as I think it helps bring inspiration and ideas. I can’t wait to bring some new beautiful things into my little shop and start to work on the future. I am here to stay so watch out Ladies!

Bespoke will still be the heart of my brand as I truly love being able to create one off garments that you have never seen before but I will be offering ready to wear Evening gowns and Wedding dresses.

Well I suppose its time to get busy and dive into the sparkles . . . you can never have to many sparkles !

Looking forward to creating some magic and hopefully making some dress dreams come true

Love Sophie X

Ball Season

Are you off to a fancy Ball or fabulous NYE party ? Well I hope you are because there is nothing better than getting dressed up and feeling amazing. I know sometimes it seems like a lot of effort but I think once in a while we all need to dress up. I totally understand a great pair of jeans and cosy knit jumper is great as well but putting on your lippy and getting into a dress that just makes you smile is also a little fun.

I have a range of dresses in the Boutique which are ready to take home on the same day or you can have a personal touch to any of them I love making something your own.

If you really want a style that is truly your own then the Bespoke route would be perfect for you . . . Its as easy as just telling me what you love and want and I will draw up some designs for you and before you know your dress has come to life.

I am also offering 10% off at the moment if you recommend a friend. So if you and your girlfriends are all going to a fab NYE party why not come together and help each other pick a dress and get a cheeky 10% off !

Ready to Wear Sizes 8 to 24

Bespoke - Any size any body we create the dress for your body !











4 Friar Street, Worcester

I’m Back !

If you haven’t walked down Friar Street recently then you may not have seen that my little boutique is back open and I am very excited to be back! I can’t wait to meet new customers and show off the new SWO collection.

I have a some bridal pieces already in for you to try on but I have plenty more on the way I will be keeping you updated when they will be coming in. They are beautiful . . . if i do say so myself.

Of course I will still be creating bespoke bridal and evening wear as I believe it gives every bride out there the opportunity to create the dream dress.

If you have a fab ball coming up or are evening planning your christmas parties and New years Eve parties make sure to come and see the stunning dresses I have on offer to buy of the shelf. I do love bit of sparkle so there is plenty on offer in store.

All alterations can be done in store for you so dont worry if it doesn’t fit first time I am here to make sure we get you feeling fabulous.

Can’t wait to share lots more with you so keep an eye out for all the new dresses coming . . .

Love Sophie XxX

Confidence and Body shape



 Just be Fabulous . . . 

I have met many ladies who feel as though they can't wear a certain shape or style due to their body shape. I am a true believer in you can wear whatever you like as long as it fits you and you fell confident. 

When thinking about your body shape look to your best features and use these as a way to show them off. Don't hide your best bits! If you have beautiful boobs then use them by adding a V-neck into your design. If your waist is a highlight then make sure to emphases it. If those hips of yours are curvaceous then celebrate them! 

I also think that ladies worry about their arms to much! If you feel more comfortable having some sort of coverage then why not look to covering with lace or fabrics which are a little sheer so that you feel comfortable but still have some skin showing through. If you want to wear something that doesn't cover them totally then go for it don't be shy away. 

I always try to stick to some simple rules

- Be daring 

- Use colour 

- Feel confident 

- Highlight a waist

- Use cleavage to add a feminine touch 

- Show the best bits of the legs off! 


I find that by applying these to garments I am designing for a client I can help bring something new to their style and hopefully make them feel the best version of themselves. 

Love Sophie . . . Xx

Hello Everyone . . .


I have been rather quiet for the past few months since I moved out of Friar street. Lots has been going on. I wanted to come and let you all know that I am excited to be back and can't wait to get creating all those fabulous outfits for you. 

I have been working down in London as well as in Worcester so have been a busy bee which is always exciting. I am happy to say I now have a showroom in St johns which show cases all my sample pieces. I also have a selection of fabric which I use as a design tool to help create the perfect look for you. 

I can't wait to show you some of the brides that are getting married this summer in are dresses :-) They are truly unique and have inspired me so much. I am even going to be seeing one of my dresses walk down the aisle for the first time I am very excited. 

I am sure you will be hearing a lot more from me and I will be bringing new ideas to the table. I also have a lovely surprise on the way as I recently found out I am pregnant! 

Please do email me if you are in need of any fabulous dresses for a special occasions or just because why not we all need a fab dress in the wardrobe. 

Love Sophie X 



Exploring London is one of my favourite things to do. I can't help but get excited about all the people, buildings and buzz! 

When leaving the city of Worcester I start to get a thrill of excitement I know I still have 2 hours left till I reach the big lights but the journey it's self gets me thinking about the things I'm about to see and experience. I find every time I go to london I always end up doing something I never thought I would do. For example this time I ended up on top of a car park which had been turned into a winter wonderland with cocktails and food from small little hidden pods. the smell and atmosphere when you walked in is so different from the city surrounding it. Its as though you have fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in another world. 

As well as enjoying cocktails and food I love to go and see art and dive into the History of our Queens and Kings. I can't help but fall in love with the historic buildings which show such a story and really make me question how it would have been all those years ago. I also start to think about how the women used to dress, with such huge skirts and pulled in waists what a scene it would have been.

For me a treat to the fabric market is always on the cards I love to see what cultures are influencing the fabric and barter with the market merchants. I can't help but touch everything and dream up of dresses, corsets and coats. I fell in love with fur all over again from its texture to the way in which it looks. It adds such a rich feel to any outfit, I would say it is key to any winter glam moment. 

To add a little adventure to my exploring I decided to travel by boat. What a way to see London with the sun setting and water splashing around me I couldn't help but fall in love. I think everyone should travel by boat in london, its the best way to see it.  

To finish it all off I was whisked into the Winter Wonderland. I can't believe how big it is, You could get lost . . . We did get lost!! The smell of mulled wine and hot sweet donuts filled the air with the screams of joy and cheers of merry groups you couldn't help but feel festive. I some how ended up drinking and dancing along to a band playing in a barn that looked as though it had been brought down from the north pole itself. 

London I love you, your my secret love affair and I can't help but want to explore you more. 

Sophie X  

Christmas Treats...For You!!

This Christmas season here at SWO Couture we are feeling particularly festive! We want to give back to you this christmas - you deserve it!

We are having a 'Lucky Dip' style christmas treat in store for you. When you book a consultation with us, you can pick a card out from under our Christmas tree and there is a range of prizes for you to possibly win!

Ranging from 5% off your dress (whether that be bridal, evening or prom) up to a free under-bust corset from us! Money off, extra fabulousness for your outfits, what more could you want before Christmas?! 



Don't forget to come and see us at the Victorian Fayre in Worcester from November 26th - this will be your first chance to win one of our amazing offers!


We will also be stocking some special items for the fayre and in the run up to come down, check out what we have to offer and see the fabulous dresses that we could be making for you. 

Lots of love,

SWO Couture x

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Evening Gowns are Essential Don't You Know?!

You may not think it, but having a classic evening gown in your wardrobe opens up a multitude of doors for your social life. From charity balls, to festive Christmas parties, right through until New Year's Eve having the perfect dress for all of these occasions gives you the perfect excuse to attend every single function! The best way to do this is to have your gown made for you - no matter what event you attend, you know that no one else will be wearing the same dress as you and you won't want the ground to swallow you up!







We make dresses that are staple pieces - of course we follow fashion trends to an extent but what we really focus on is creating dresses that are the perfect fit and the perfect shape for every body type that will flatter you for years to come.








Getting a dress from SWO Couture means that you can design your dress yourself, where it to as many functions as you like, and then if you want it changed (add sleeves, make it shorter for example) then you can bring it to us and we can alter it for you and create your perfect dress 2.0!


If you think this sounds like something you need in your life (I mean...who wouldn't?!) get in touch with us - the sooner the better! The sooner we talk to you the sooner we can start creating your perfect dress!

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Speak to you soon! x


SWO Diaries pt. 1

This past month has been event mayhem for us, from hosting our own fashion show, to Sophie being nominated as a finalist at Midlands Fashion Awards (GO Sophie!) to showing at the Wonderful Worcestershire Women's Fashion and Dining Event on October 13th.

Now, bear in mind, by this point we had gone from dressing 30 models at our event, to 6 professional models at MFA, to then dressing another 20 women at the WWW event...we had been in a sea of tulle for around a month and were slowly losing our sanity! Making sure all the dresses fitted perfectly and the models felt comfortable and fabulous was a mountain of a task - but we loved every second. The buzz of being backstage, the adrenaline running, the sweat from us steaming our dresses in an already tropically hot room...what an atmosphere it was!

This week, thinking about what to write a blog about, we all thought that it would be a great idea and insight for you lovely readers in to the work life at SWO Couture if we were to write a monthly diary (this may or may not have been inspired by Bridget Jones...).

Like every woman on earth, we do like to talk about ourselves, and that added with the madness and fabulousness that comes with working at SWO will hopefully make for an interesting read!

Our main fear of the night was the stairs at the start of the catwalk. The stairs! 20 models in tulle skirts and heels wobbling down a staircase in to a room filled with over 100 people. I think the majority of people involved in the event were having cardiac arrests very time someone walked down them. But our girls did it, no trips or falls and they all looked elegant and beautiful!

Unfortunately, as it was Sophie's birthday that night, we had some bubbles and probably shouldn't embarrass ourselves by letting you in on our antics through the rest of the night. However, we are so grateful to be able to work with such amazing women every day and to be a part of these wonderful events. Until next time ladies... SWO Couture x

How Does Kate Get it Right All The Time?!

You can't have missed the fact that Will and Kate are visiting Canada on an eight day tour as it has been published eeeeverywhere! But what we are loving from these pictures are the outfits she is wearing - from the minute she stepped off the plane she was simply fabulous! The touch of the maple leaves on her hat was a lovely nod to Canada, and we loved every single aspect of the dress on her. 

What we really love about Kate is that she always gives a nod to British designers and labels, giving the world a glimpse in to what the UK offers in their fashion. Below is a dress designed by London label Preen, and the colour on her is just stunning. Bold and beautiful, just like her, and this is what we love creating for our customers, bold and beautiful pieces to showcase the best versions of themselves!

This Alexander McQueen number on Kate is beautiful. It's funky and surprisingly short for Kate (not that you can see in this picture) and she is playing up to the Canadian colours but in a fabulous way!

Occasion wear is also one of our specialities, so if you have an event coming up that you need something spectacular for, come to us and we will create your dream dress for you!

Charity Fashion Show 2016

On Thursday 8th September 2016, we held a charity fashion show at Alexanders in Worcester to raise money for Acorn's Children's Hospice. What a whirlwind few months of building up to the event it was! Weeks of planning, dress making, organising (30 models are not easy to rally together!) made us question what on earth we were doing, but it was all right on the night! More than that, it was the perfect evening. An amazing amount of people came to support us and the charity, our catwalk went perfectly and a fabulous time was had by all. We just wanted to share some of the images from the night with you and to those of you that came, thank you for your support and we hope you saw the perfect dress for your upcoming events, be that a wedding , a christmas party or a charity ball! 

Lots of love, Sophie x

A thank you to our prom girls

Prom season 2016 is officially drawing to an end, and we can honestly say it has been a rollercoaster of a ride! It has been a crazy few months filled with tulle, sequins and lace but we can honestly say we have loved every minute of it. Meeting all of our prom girls has been amazing (despite making us feel very old!) and all of them are beautiful young women whom it has been a pleasure to work with. 

Our aim was to make them look and feel like the best versions of themselves, loving their individuality and unique body shapes and fashion tastes, and from the pictures we have been sent we can honestly say we did this and we did it well! Every single one of our girls looked insanely beautiful! 

We hope you all have an amazing evening at your proms and we have no doubt that you'll dance the night away! 

Below are some pictures of the girls we have been sent already, if you send us a picture of you in yours we can pop it up with the rest. 

Stay fabulous girls! Lots of love, Sophie and the team xxx

Stunning Georgia x

Two of our girls Nikki and Eleanor! Pretty in pink! How beautiful are they!

Our beautiful Cate!

Our beautiful Cate!

Stunning Lauren on the right!

Stunning Lauren on the right!

Annie on the left, how beautiful does she look !

Annie on the left, how beautiful does she look !

Merryn! Absolutely gorgeous!

Merryn! Absolutely gorgeous!

Jess absolutely stunning in white x

Miss USA 2016 Inspo

When we looked at the gowns worn by the beautiful contestants in the Miss USA pageant, we died and went to glamour heaven! 

We love the image below as it just shows the wide variety of styles and colours that can be used to create your perfect evening gown. 

Miss Canada, far left, is bang on trend with her dress. Metallic is very in this season, and it really does add a 'WOW' factor to the dress! It really stands out and is very flattering to her already amazing figure. Also, the fact it has long sleeves is a great feature for you to implement in to your dress design if you are afraid of showing your arms - it only adds to the look of the dress! 

Miss Maryland, next to Miss Canada, is wearing a dress that is coincidentally similar to some of the dresses we are currently making for our prom girls. We adore the see through skirt as it adds drama to the dress, and the delicate appliqué softens it and is so pretty!

Miss Rhode Island's dress, centre, has a beautiful cut which would add curve to any body shape. We like the contrast of the conservative high neckline with the cheeky centre cut out! Of course, the sparkles on the dress have gained extra points with us!

Miss Texas, second right, is wearing a classic gown. The shape will suit most body types, with the sparkly neckline adding glamour to the plain fabric. This look could be worn to any evening occasion. We love!

Finally, Miss Oklahoma has truly stolen our hearts. As most people who know us could tell you - we love pink! This is beautiful. The princess style could be used on a bridal gown, or combining both the colour and the style for your prom really would make you the belle of the ball! 

If any of these dresses have given you inspiration for the dress for your special occasion, please do not hesitate in getting in touch. The sooner you do, the sooner we can begin bringing your dream dress to life! 

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Lots of love x

Zoe's Dress

In Spring 2015, Zoe's mum excitedly came in to my shop saying she was looking for a dress for her daughter. We chatted about ideas and she seemed to think that Zoe would love the idea of having her own dress designed and made for her. I then met Zoe and we spoke about what she wanted and she was so enthused by what I could provide for her - I was so excited at the prospect of making her dress from her! 

A bit of time went past and I hadn't heard from Zoe or her mum, and I thought that they had gone in another direction. I then got a phone call from them saying they wanted to work with me - I was over the moon! They said that they had chosen me because I was "personable" and "I understood what she wanted straight away". 

Over the next months, we made toiles of different designs of dresses she wanted, trialling her different ideas, slowly constructing her dream dress with her input every step of the way. I was so happy to work with Zoe, she is an amazing woman and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bride!

The finished product was a beautiful fishtail dress. The main fabric we used was a crepe de sheen, we used Beckford silk for the outer and the inner lining and the lace used was James Hare. Vintage pearls were used, the centre back was done up by individually applied pearl buttons. The lace on the back was hand appliquéd, and the crystal beads inside the lace were hand stitched in. Her veil was a floor length tulle with swarovski crystals. It sounds fabulous, right? I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Her wedding was in September 2015 in Gibraltar, and she couldn't have looked more perfect.

Zoe's review made our hearts melt!

"I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough. She is a fabulous lady with an amazing talent and a great sense of humour. Thank you for all your hard work, patience and advice throughout the process, and most importantly for bringing my dream wedding dress to life. It was absolutely beautiful. Zoe xx"

Photo Credit - Lisa Carpenter Photography

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If you have fallen in love with Zoe's dress as we have and want your own dress designed and made by us, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Evening Gown Glam!

Sparkle....Shine....Shimmer....All things us girls love to wear on special occasions! We want to feel special and like a princess. This is exactly why we love the metallic trend this season. Examples of metallic gowns have been seen on Kylie and Kim at the Met Gala, and now more recently by Kelly Rowland at the Billboard Music Awards. 

Evening gowns that incorporate this are simply beautiful. They stand out, the sunshine bouncing off the metallic makes sure you're the only one to be seen, they look glamorous, they are easy to accessorise with, (they hide a multitude of sins...!) - the list goes on and on. 

The straight cut of the dress shows off all of Kelly's best assets, and it would show off all of yours too! 


Using metallic dresses as inspiration for your perfect evening gown would ensure you were the belle of the ball! If you want something similar to this, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you create your dream dress!

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Historical Influences...

I have been thinking of where to get new inspirations from recently, and then it came to me - take inspiration from the woman who taught me how to be truly fabulous!

My Auntie Jean was an outspoken, 'say it how it is' kind of woman. As a hairdresser, her life revolved around making women the best versions of themselves, and this is where I am in my life too. I found old family photos of Auntie Jean's wedding and I have taken a lot of inspiration from them. 

I love the three quarter length of her dress, and having made one for a customer of mine recently I can really appreciate the dramatic effect it has. It is still glamorous and beautiful as you would want for your day, but I feel it also gives a sense of individual style and is a touch different to other dresses. If you want that for your wedding dress, then this is definitely a design option for you. 

Her veil is beautiful to me. A 'cap veil' adds a unique touch to the ensemble - it will stand out to people and it will be memorable. The cut of the veil made it sit in line with the bottom of the dress. This mirroring of the most dramatic point of the dress by the veil highlights Auntie Jeans best features and in my opinion is fabulous!

Below is an example of a modern day cap veil, and it is obvious the effect it creates within the veil. Beautiful!

Digging further in to the family albums, I came across this beauty of a dress. It is a bias cut silk dress. The unique cut of the silk makes the dress fall in a specific way that is hard to create but worth doing, as the way it drapes down the body is stunning. Instead of bling and sparkles being the focus of the dress, it is the quality of the cut and the fabric which is the stand out factor. This would be amazing inspiration to use for a bohemian style dress. 

If any of these pieces have given you inspiration for your special day, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Summer Inspirations...

With the summer months fast approaching, our inspirations for design will inevitably be influenced. Events such as the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival are a great display of fashion at the moment for us to take ideas from for our own designs. You wouldn't think it, but bridal gowns can use inspiration from these events. For example, the fantasy aspects of Clare Danes' dress can be translated in to bridal couture. The lighting in the dress was obviously show stopping, but for me the best aspects of the dress were it's shape and cut. To create a dress like this would be a fantasy of my own!

"Princess is IN!"

Taking both inspiration from my visit to London Fashion Week where I was in awe of the floral texture being used in fabrics, to Cannes Film Festival where the floral detailing used on Sonam Kapoor's dress was just beautiful, it has become a wish of mine to create floral detailing on bridal dresses over the coming months. This would be perfect for both Autumn 2016 weddings and also Spring/Summer 2017. 

Beautiful detailing

Texture is growing in popularity, with beautiful evening gowns being created showing that texture has been the main focus of the dress from it's initial cut right through to the finished product. The dramatic effect of using texture in a gown is shown in the image below. I love how the floral texture fades out as it progresses down the dress, at the same time not being an overwhelmingly prominent feature, giving it a touch of drama but also being delicate and elegant. 

If you have taken any inspiration from these ideas for your own bridal or evening gown, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0190522988, or via our Facebook or instagram accounts to book a design consultation so we can create your perfect dress. 


It's been a long time since I last sat down to post. So I thought I would post about my trip to London Fashion Week. 

I think this is a great way to start my 2016 blog posts as its all about inspiration and creativity which I find always helps when you are constantly trying to develop and come up with new ideas. 

The Fashion show was fab and fast within minutes (it seems) its all over and you have just feasted upon a flash of the future. The colours and sounds are exciting and in my mind I was thinking of all the possibilities. 

I also had a chance to listen to Charlotte Olympia who was so glamorous I felt rather under dressed! It was great to see a women who has achieved so much and built her brand from the bottom up. I also fell in love with her shoes and bags even more once she had explained her idea behind her designs. 

What really kept my eyes busy was the street fashion! As you can imagine people watching is great fun and were better to do than LFW. The shoes, bags and coats the combination of trend and individuality is what really makes street fashion so great. I always find the best trends start from the street. The shows give direction, the streets turn it into trend. 

I'm excited to get designing my own pieces and also designing for new clients. Throw lots of fashion lovers into one room and you can't help but want to take on the world with fabric, design and style!